Knowing the Field: Navigating your Truth in Writing

How do you stay aligned with your own inner truth and purpose when you have a whole audience to consider? In this blog, I describe what I call Knowing the Field, a process of carefully considering the impact of your message on others while also staying true to your creativity, purpose and authenticity.

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Jaime Fleres
How pregnancy and birth transformed my body image

I wrote this article in 2014, two weeks before my daughter’s first birthday. I include it here to remember—to remember what it was like to be in my early postpartum days. To remind myself of the hard-won truths I explored in this piece (we all need reminders right?) And to remember the kinds of meaning I have fashioned from my birth experience in the past (as I encourage parents to do in their birth story writing). I also offer this here, of course, to share with you. Because this -ish is timeless. And because sharing our stories offers a way for us to connect, heal, shape culture, and more.    

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Jodi Neufeld