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JaimeFleres Book Coach

Hello, I’m Jaime

Writer. Editor. Book coach. Creative to the bone. I help coaches, therapists, healers, soul folk and visionaries share their magic through the written word.

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The world needs Your book

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But you don’t know where to start or you’ve gotten stuck along the way. Writing a book seems daunting, something out of reach. Something other people can do. But not you.

I totally get it. Most people feel like this about the authorship journey. As an author, college professor, and pro writer + editor, I show women and men on a mission how to overcome creative obstacles, get super clear on their ideas, organization and structure, and actually write their book. So they can transform lives, become a leader in their fields, build a solid business, and satisfy a deep soul calling to make a positive impact in the world.


If you're going to write a book this year, and you're soulful and creative, I am 100% sure you would benefit from hiring Jaime. You're going to LOVE her and feel so fully supported.

Jessica Chilton, Business Coach and founder of The Shift from Fear to love movement


Jaime has a power for coaching and emotional support that transcends writing. I could have said “I want to build a giraffe sanctuary on the moon” and she’d still be the one to guide me through that process. Her emotional support and purpose-rich clarity were incredibly powerful. Within one year, Jaime helped me write two books—but more than that birth a whole new identity as a bona fide artist with a growing body of work.



Hiring Jaime has been the best investment on so many levels. My book would not have seen the light of day without her gentle coaching and encouragement. She has been a labor doula to the birth of my creative pursuits. Without her I would have taken an epidural, the painless route of not pursuing my dream to write a book. If you too feel pregnant with a book, invest in the health of this “baby” and hire Jaime.


Which one describes you?


Jaime's Book Birth Your Story

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Birth Your Story: Why Writing About Your Birth Matters empowers and supports mothers and fathers in writing about birth, to remember, process, claim, heal and honor it all.


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