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Jaime Fleres book coach

You have a powerful message to share with the world

But locked inside you, it has little impact. Let’s unleash your gifts into the world in a meaningful way so you can powerfully transform others’ lives in the way only you can.

I’m Jaime, a book coach and editor.

I help healers, coaches, therapists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries write non-fiction and memoir books to transform lives and support others.

So you can help create the world you know is possible.


The world needs your book

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But you don’t know where to start or you’ve gotten stuck along the way. Writing a book seems daunting, something out of reach. Something other people can do. But not you.

I totally get it. Most people feel like this about the authorship journey. Without support.

As an author, college professor, book coach, and pro writer + editor, I can help you overcome obstacles; get clear on your ideas, organization and structure; and actually write your book. So you can transform lives, become a leader in your field, build a solid business, and satisfy a deep soul calling to make a positive impact in the world.


How can I support you?


34% of entrepreneurs double their rates after writing a book

81% are featured in the media

72% land speaking gigs

74% gain new referral partners

96% report significant business growth

 Let’s make an impact together

CARE girls education

My clients and I are blessed to have the resources and opportunities to pursue our purpose in the world. We have been educated, we’re literate, and we use these skills and resources to write books, to share ideas and stories that can have a positive impact on others.

Let’s take that impact even further. I am committed to contributing a percentage of my net profits each year to supporting the education and care of underprivileged women and children through the A+ rated CARE Organization.

You can learn more about the impact our work together HERE>


Jaime's Book Birth Your Story

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Birth Your Story: Why Writing About Your Birth Matters empowers and supports mothers and fathers in writing about birth, to remember, process, claim, heal and honor it all.