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Write Your Life Personal Writing Coach Program

Let’s make writing feel good.


You know the importance of digesting your food—no matter how delicious and rich a meal you’ve enjoyed, if you don’t digest what you’ve taken in, there will be trouble.

The same is true for your life experiences. When you’ve been through a major adventure—whether that involves travel, a major life initiation or transition, a big storyline, theme or area of struggle in your life, or something else— you need to digest and process those experiences.

Writing—especially writing that is witnessed by yourself and others—is one of the most powerful and effective ways to digest your life experiences. Writing also helps you:

  • remember your experiences

  • get a clearer idea of what your experiences were, what they meant to you then and what they mean to you now

  • claim yourself as the author of your own life

  • explore your internal landscapes (i.e. the emotional, mental, spiritual terrain)

  • heal the harder parts of your stories

  • honor what is true

  • transform in healthy and empowering ways

This is what the Write Your Life Coaching Program is all about. In this program, you have a place to come digest, heal, and honor your stories.

You know that by doing this work, you will move into the next phases of your life with more clarity, insight, growth, capacity for authentic self-expression, and personal power. And beyond that, you will have mined your experiences for rich gems that you can use to empower and inspire yourself and others in the world.



I know deeply the magic that can happen when we write our stories.  I’ve been writing to digest, heal and understand my experiences since I was a teenager.  I’ve been a professional copywriter for over a decade, have my master’s degree in teaching writing, was an English professor for six years, I offer popular private and group book writing programs, have led expressive writing workshops internationally, and have published my own book that helps people write their own stories.


As your Personal writing coach , I will support you in writing, expressing, claiming, processing, healing and honoring the important stories of your life.


Feel courageous, confident, capable, and actually enjoy the process of writing with the help of a personal writing coach that helps you feel seen, nurtured, and empowered to express yourself authentically and with greater ease.


Write Your Life program overview

This is a 3-month personal writing coach program through which we will:

•   Create Clarity: we’ll get clear about what you want to write, why you want to write it, for whom you are writing, what your challenges and strengths are, where your hang-ups are, what you need to write, and more. 

•   Create an intention-based, achievable writing plan: Set clear intentions and create a focused plan of action so that you can heap the most reward from our time together and from your writing experience. 

•    Collaborate on strengthening your writing: we’ll workshop your writing by reviewing and discussing your work-in-progress. We’ll also create a clear and empowering plan for your next steps, including revision, refinement, and subsequent writing projects.

•    Get unstuck when needed: together we’ll help you clear writing hurdles as they arise, get unstuck, brainstorm, solve a problem in your writing, and revitalize your writing life. 

If you are ready to process, heal, and transform through authentic self expression with the help of a qualified personal writing coach, contact me for a FREE Discovery Session.