Program Approach and Overview

You know the importance of digesting your food—no matter how delicious and rich a meal you’ve enjoyed, if you don’t digest what you’ve taken in, there will be trouble.  The same is true for our life experiences. When we’ve just been through a major adventure—whether that involves travel, a major life initiation or transition, a big storyline in your life, or something else— we need to digest and process those experiences. 

Writing—especially writing that is witnessed by yourself and others—is one of the most powerful and effective ways to digest your life experiences. Writing also helps us

  • remember our experiences,
  • get a clearer idea of what our experiences were and what they mean to us,
  • claim ourselves as the authors of our own lives,
  • explore our internal landscapes (i.e. the emotional, mental, spiritual realms),
  • heal the harder parts of our stories,
  • honor what is true, and
  • transform in healthy and empowering ways. 

This is what the Write Your Life Coaching Program is all about.  In this program, you have a place to come digest, heal, and honor your stories. 

You know that by doing this work, you will move into the next phases of your life with more clarity, insight, growth, capacity for authentic self-expression, and personal power.  And beyond that you will have mined your experiences for rich gems that you can use to empower and inspire yourself and others in the world. 

I know deeply the magic that can happen when we write our stories.  I’ve been writing to digest, heal and understand my experiences since I was a teenager.  I’ve been a professional writer for over a decade, have my master’s degree in teaching writing, taught six years of college writing and literature classes, have led writing workshops internationally, and have published my own book that helps people write their own stories. 

In this coaching program, I will support you in writing, expressing, claiming, processing, healing and honoring the important stories of your life.

Feel courageous, confident, capable, and actually enjoy the process of writing with the help of a personalized one-on-one program that helps you feel seen, nurtured, and empowered to express yourself authentically and with greater ease.