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Ronit Ashkenazi Testimonial

Jaime’s given me strength, structure, and a wide range of support. Jaime holds space and dives in with you, while masterfully providing a foundational process that makes the overwhelming manageable and grounded. I highly recommend Jaime as a book coach.


Acupuncturist, Women’s Circle Facilitator 

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Sarah Poet Testimonial

“During my first session with Jaime, she helped calm my desire to know how it will all go at the outset and produce for production sake, and provided the sincere reminder that we write not for others, but to tell our story, for ourselves. I had lost sight of this pure and beautiful truth - I write to give myself permission to tell my own story, exactly as I've lived it. This is wildly empowering, and I can't wait to get started again!  Thanks Jaime!”


Couples Coach and Healer

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Shannon Testimonial

Hiring Jaime has been the best investment on so many levels. My book would not have seen the light of day without her gentle coaching and encouragement. She has been a labor doula to the birth of my creative pursuits. Without her I would have taken an epidural, the painless route of not pursuing my dream to write a book. If you too feel pregnant with a book, invest in the health of this “baby” and hire Jaime!


Licensed Midwife, Homemade Families

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