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Christina Bertelli testimonial

The [group book program] retreat was perfectly planned in every way, I felt 100% supported by the wisdom that Jaime holds around the process of writing a book. I loved getting to dance and be in my body with the mystery and energy that is unique to my own mission, as well as receive a written handbook of the step by step plan. It made embarking on this potentially intimidating project so very accessible and exciting.


Clinical Herbalist at Femme Botanica

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Margaret Kirschner

The whole [group program retreat] weekend was great! The structure of the material, the playbook, the flexibility, the combination of movement and meditation with real nuts and bolts practical information and the time to actually do some work was expertly integrated. The connection with other aspiring writers was highly important and will continue to be the support that carries each of us through some of the uncertainties that await. Jaime, you've created a winning formula for success.


Yoga teacher, doula, and substance abuse counselor

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Sarah Poet Group testimonial

This retreat is a critical jumpstart for anyone considering writing a book. What Jaime provides will save you time, confusion, and distraction. The value of this group program far exceeds what I paid for it! I'm blown away!!!


Couples Coach and Healer

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