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Sarah Poet Testimonial

“I have been sitting on a book project for two years, and it's a story that my Soul came to tell. It's a memoir, and yet, I found myself really being stuck around how to put it into the world. I had been making it about "production" and was very in my head about how to organize and structure it - you know, all of the static parts of the process. During my first session with Jaime, she helped calm my desire to know how it will all go at the outset and produce for production sake, and provided the sincere reminder that we write not for others, but to tell our story, for ourselves. I had lost sight of this pure and beautiful truth - I write to give myself permission to tell my own story, exactly as I've lived it. This is wildly empowering, and I can't wait to get started again!  Thanks Jaime!”


Couples Coach and Healer

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about pageJaime Fleres
Ronit Testimonial

“I have always wanted and dreamed of writing a book. When I met Jaime at a weeklong retreat, I immediately liked her a lot and felt really good in her presence. When she mentioned she is a book coach, something in me clicked. I knew in that moment that I would hire her, and that she would be an integral piece of bringing my dream into reality. I am so glad I did! Jaime has given me strength, structure, and a wide range of support. I am sitting and doing the work while engaging the process one step at a time. Jaime holds space and dives in with you ,while masterfully giving you the foundational steps that make what can feel overwhelming, into a grounded project that is quite manageable! I highly recommend Jaime as a book coach.”


Acupuncturist, Women’s Coach

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about pageJaime Fleres
Shannon Testimonial

Hiring Jaime has been the best investment on so many levels. My book would not have seen the light of day without her gentle coaching and encouragement. She has been a labor doula to the birth of my creative pursuits. Without her I would have taken an epidural, the painless route of not pursuing my dream to write a book. If you too feel pregnant with a book, invest in the health of this “baby” and hire Jaime!


Licensed Midwife, Homemade Families

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about pageJaime Fleres
Rochelle testimonial

"Working with Jaime was a dream come true. She is that perfect mix of a medicine woman who embodies the wisdom of an elder, the compassion of someone walking a path alongside you, and the sweet innocence of a child with a wide open heart.  She sources her medicine from a place beyond time, but makes it accessible to the specific challenges and joys of expanding into our next expression of self to birth, to re-birth, and to live!"



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Sarvaan testimonial

"Jaime is a great listener and an enthusiastic connector.  She is genuinely interested in the people in her life and what they have to say, which makes her very approachable, safe and easy to talk to. She has a disarming quality about her and she is trustworthy. I really appreciate her clarity in communications, her ability to express herself articulately, with both courage and humility.  She is honest and forthright, quick to call BS, but with a gentleness that doesn’t feel like judgment.  She is also an exceptional writer and has helped me in my professional work to craft compelling communications."


creator of Sound and Silence Gatherings

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Virginia Rosenberg testimonial

"Jaime is an incredible writer who wields the English language with passion and skill. Impressed by her clear and relatable fire, I worked with Jaime to refine a speech for TEDx. As a writing coach, Jaime not only helped me to streamline and construct my delivery, she dove into the spirit and intention behind my message. I felt her stand for me and my writing with fierce grace. This touched me deeply, gave me confidence, and strengthened the message to rise and shine."


Intuitive Astrology, TED speaker, and movement artist.


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