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I help creative professionals write the stories and ideas they were born to share through my acclaimed Birth Your Book signature program. I work with clients privately and in a small group format.

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Private Coaching

Private coaching is you, me and your beautiful book. We work together on live calls every two to three weeks, with support between. I meet you exactly where you’re at, offering accountability, expert feedback, process support, and more. And you don’t have to share me with anyone. I work with select successful, creative professionals determined to contribute powerfully to their clients, community and profession.

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Group Coaching

Group coaching is you, me and a handful of other creative geniuses having fun and writing incredible books. We kick off with an in-person retreat, where you develop a solid foundation for your book’s success. You get continued support through 6 months of virtual group coaching where you leverage the power of the group mind and get a ton of personal attention from me.

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Book Editing

I offer developmental editing support for authors of non-fiction and memoir.

Content Writing

Content Writing

I help coaches, therapists and healers write for their businesses– including websites, emails, blogs, course materials, marketing and more.