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I help creative professionals express the stories and ideas they were born to share. I do this through two signature programs:

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Birth Your Book:

In this private coaching program, I work with a select number of successful, creative professionals to birth their own book into the world. This is for professionals determined to contribute powerfully to their clients, community and profession. 


Write Your Life:

In this private coaching program, we create a safe and supportive container for you to use the written word to express the personal stories that matter most to you, as a powerful, potent, therapeutic tool. 

I am available for select editing of completed non-fiction or memoir book manuscripts.

I regularly speak about Book Writing for Creative Professionals, Writing Your Birth Story, as well as the therapeutic and transformative value in writing the stories that matter.

As an author, former English professor, and seasoned, professional copywriter, I have much wisdom and insight to share about writing personal and professional stories. Please contact me directly if you’d like to learn more or book me for a speaking engagement.


In 2018, I am proud to be an official speaker with MommyCon, leading Birth Your Story events in Chicago, New York City, Charlotte, and San Diego (see Events page for details).  


Not sure which is the best first step? No problem! Apply for a free session and let's see if I'm the right coach for you.