Ambassador's Book Bundle

Ambassador's Book Bundle

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Discounted Ambassador's bundle includes:

  • 3 paperback books
  • 1 eBook

Why not share the love?  This bundle makes you an ambassador of the Birth Your Story movement--and enables you to share this resource with others who will benefit from the book.  By purchasing this bundle, you can keep a book for yourself and share the other two copies with fellow parents who will enjoy the book as well! The bundle also includes the eBook, so you can enjoy it on a device of your choosing.  (25% off retail price is not a bad deal to boot!)

Why not support others in writing the potent and powerful stories of their own births?  

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Birth Your Story is about using writing to remember, process, heal and honor the entirety of your birth experience. You are forever changed, and how you tell the story can determine whether the power of birth serves or hinders your life. Whether you're pregnant or birthed decades ago, a seasoned or novice writer, man or woman, this book is for you. 

The book inspires and supports you to write your birth story, takes the intimidation and other obstacles out of writing, offers accessible writing prompts and support, and includes over 15 inspiring stories — about birth loss, adoption, home birth, premature birth, surrogacy, cesarean birth, and more.  

Feel empowered to write your story, honor your experience, value your voice, heal your past and transform your future, and find freedom through authentic expression. Because your stories matter.  Because YOU matter.