Birth Your Book

Group Coaching Program


You have an idea for a book that just won’t leave you alone. But you keep getting stuck. Overwhelmed. Discouraged. Too busy. Distracted. Maybe it can wait for another time… Yet, this dream of yours keeps you up at night.


this is your year To finally push past the blocks, stop dreaming and actually write your book

This is YOUR year to say YES, to get the accountability, support, expert guidance, and feedback you need— heck, all writers need—to actually write that first draft.

Get the support you need to write your book. Yep, we can even make this fun.

I’ve been working with writers in a private 1-on-1 capacity for a long time now. I created this affordable, super-supportive and highly-effective coaching container to help more geniuses like you get their message into the world. Because we need your voice, and your unique magic, in the world. Yes, you.

Jaime Fleres book coach

Get pro guidance, connect with other badass authors like you, and write that friggin’ book you were born to write.

The Birth Your Book Group Coaching Program awaits you, apply now.


Hiring Jaime has been the best investment on so many levels. My book would not have seen the light of day without her gentle coaching and encouragement. She has been a labor doula to the birth of my creative pursuits. Without her I would have taken an epidural, the painless route of not pursuing my dream to write a book. If you too feel pregnant with a book, invest in the health of this “baby” and hire Jaime!

Shannon Staloch, Midwife

Program Overview

This program is dope as hell because it has both a live in-person retreat component and an online component. Forging meaningful in-person relationships with me and your fellow authors at the outset – not to mention getting crystal clear about your book and gaining every tool and confidence you need to write it – will profoundly enrich your experience in the coaching program and help you write your book with stellar support.

You also get personalized attention and expert support from a book coach, at a fraction of the cost of what it would be to work with me privately.


Component One:

Live Book Builder INtensivE weekend

When: May 3 to 5, 2019 (Fri-Sun) | 10-5 daily | Optional group dinner Saturday night

Where: The Center Within, Black Mountain NC, just outside of Asheville, NC (you’ll have the option to return home or to your accommodations nightly)

Why You’ll Love Our Weekend Together:

During this deep dive together, you’ll develop the crucial foundation every author needs to successfully write a book.  You will come away from this weekend with a clear idea of who your book is for, what it is about, and how to move forward with confidence and clarity in actually writing it.  You’ll also connect deeply and receive support from other authors who are on the same journey you are.  And you’ll have FUN and be nourished.

In this accelerated course, we will cover:

  • The crucial creative author mindset you need to write a book and what it’s actually like to write a book

  • Supporting your inner author/genius and managing your inner critic

  • Get the big picture WHY: setting the intention and purpose for your book

  • Author focus: Why you’re the perfect person to write this book and how to establish your credibility in your writing

  • Audience focus: get clear on who your audience is, what they need/expect/want from your book, and how to speak to them effectively in your writing

  • Subject focus: get clear on what your book is about, what you actually want to say, and how to support your brilliant ideas with compelling evidence

  • How to organize your ideas into a clear structure that works for you and your readers

  • Conducting research and tracking your brilliant ideas

  • Creating a concrete, yet adaptable plan for how to fit writing into your life

We’ll have dance breaks, time to connect with others, journaling activities, artistic/creative activities, soul-igniting conversations, full belly laughs, delicious snacks, yummy lunches you don’t have to make, and more. 


Jaime has given me strength, structure, and a wide range of support. Jaime holds space and dives in with you, while masterfully giving you the foundational steps that make what can feel overwhelming, into a grounded project that is quite manageable! I highly recommend Jaime as a book coach.”



Component Two:

Online Group Coaching

(May - October 2019)

Six months of live group coaching online facilitated by me personally, with the same group of authors from our intensive. In this 6-month group coaching, you will receive continued affordable support along your book writing journey. Yo, this is when you get to dig in and write your book. Best part: you don’t have to do it alone.

This part of the program will include:

  • Bi-weekly “Check in + Spotlight” calls: These calls will be a place for all participants to check in and have a spotlight coaching opportunity, where you can bring something you need support with and Jaime and the group will offer support.  12 calls total, on alternating Mondays.

  • Your own author-accountability partner: buddy up with another member of our group for super-charged accountability and support. (optional)

  • A Private, Exclusive Gathering Space on Facebook where we can stay accountable, share our wins and our struggles, ask questions, get feedback and support each other.  

  • SIX video training courses on:

      1. Tips for writing your first draft

      2. Writing best practices 1

      3. Writing best practices 2

      4. How to self-edit

      5. The professional editing process

      6. Your publishing options

  • Discounted private coaching sessions with Jaime throughout the program.  Jaime normally charges $250-350 per coaching session, but during the 6 months of our group program, private sessions will be available to you for $100 for a regular session and $130 for a workshop session.  This will be a chance to get personalized attention and support and receive feedback on your draft.  

  • Bonuses: so much goodness to be announced!


“Jaime has a power for coaching and emotional support that transcends writing. I could have said, "I want build a giraffe sanctuary on the moon" and she'd still be the one to guide me through that process— her emotional support and purpose-rich clarity was incredibly powerful... Within one year, Jaime helped me write two books— but more than that, birth a whole new identity as a bona fide artist with a growing body of work.”

Michael Rosenberg, visionary and entrepreneur

YOUR Investment

Six months of private coaching with me (not even including the intensive weekend) is valued at over $3000 and so is this group course. I’m offering the 2019 Group Coaching program for a steal-of-a-deal at:


if paid in-full upfront. If you pay upfront, you’ll also get a bonus 30-min private coaching call with me anytime during the course. Plad-dow!

To make it even easier for you to write your book this year, I also have two payment plan options. For both, the first month is due upon sign up, and the remaining installments are auto-billed monthly thereafter.

$340 for 6 months


$175 for 12 months

(Please note: this group will run with a minimum of 6 participants and with a max of 16)

This will be a small group and I’m serious about curating an incredible posse of authors. If you know this program is for you, holla’ at me (using the button below) and tell me a bit about you. If we’re a match, I’ll be in contact shortly with an invitation to the program.


Can’t I just write my book alone?

Sure, you could also teach yourself the ukelele and how to fly a biplane. But that would be choosing the long road, with ample off-ramps to fails-ville. It’s a total myth that authors write alone. Yes, technically it is how a book gets written—you and that creation of yours collaborate to bring your soul-voice alive on the page.

But, here’s the thing. It’s like birth (fair warning, I think birth metaphors answer nearly all of life’s meaningful questions). Sure, it’s just mama and baby who are going to get that little angel earthside. That’s you and your book.

But in ideal situations, women are surrounded by support—doulas, partners, family, friends, medical pros—when they give birth. We’re humans, we ain’t meant to birth our creations into the world alone. We can, but it’s so much better when we are well supported.

Book coaching saves you:

  • TIME: You can shave years off your book writing process by getting the right support, I see it all the time. Not to mention that coaching can mean the difference between you feeling great about your finished book and…not. writing. it. at. all. Boo.

  • MONEY: Time is money babe, and that precious time you may spend in resistance or fumbling blindly through the book writing process could be used to reach more clients, get out there and teach your body of work, and get paid to share your magic with wider circles.

  • FRUSTRATION: Frustration is such a killjoy. When you are actually supported through your writing process, you feel less of that BS and much more joy, confidence, and excitement that you are showing up for your gifts and your sacred work in the world. Yes, please.

Furthermore, you can deduct book coaching as a business expense when it comes time to share your earnings with good ol’ Uncle Sam. Better to build a career and fulfill a soul calling than hand your hard earned cash over to the IRS.

What are the benefits of a group program? Why not just work with you one-on-one?

Working one-on-one is definitely an option and my clients thrive in our work together. The group program amplifies your accountability, motivation and inspiration by connecting you to other authors who are tackling the same epic creative mountains you are. You’ll get to support each other through the steep inclines and revel together in the views at the top.

Plus, you get to get up-close-and-personal support from a savvy book sherpa who knows Mount Book Writing … at a fraction of the cost of my private rates.

What if I can’t make the live event?

Listen, this place is super-swoonable, especially in the spring. Come for the intensive, and revel in the sweet sparkle of the Blue Ridge mountains, the delectable food, and the quirky, endearing culture here in Asheville. You’ll probably fall in love with this place like everyone does.

Also: getting together in person is POWERFUL, especially in this digital era and especially when you embark on an epic project like book writing. It’s a legit way to claim yourself as an author and massively up-level your writing game. Committing to this weekend is like a giant shout out to the universe that you mean business with this whole book thing. And the universe favors the bold.

That said, if you really, truly can’t make it to the live event, apply anyway and we’ll see what might be possible.

What is your refund policy?

I hope that you fall in love with our work together and that this process transforms your life for the better. If you’re not satisfied or are unable to follow through on the program, I’d love to hear from you and talk it out. That said, all commitments to the program are final and no refunds will be available after April 5, 2019.

What if I’m not sure if this program is for me?

I totally get it, I’m also cautious before committing to something big like this. I think the best way to learn more about our fit is to just pick up the phone old school style and chat it out. Book a FREE no-pressure 15-minute chat with me. I won’t pressure you to join, but you’ll get a chance to feel me out and see if the program is right for you.

Will you be offering this course in the future?

I can’t make any guarantees, but I *plan* to offer this course in the future. This year’s rate will definitely be the lowest I’ll offer this program, since it’s the first time I’m packaging my coaching in this way. If you really can’t commit this year, let’s stay in touch and you’ll be the first to know about any upcoming course offerings.

Who are you? How can I learn more about you?

Good questions! You can read more about me HERE. and also get a sense of my work through my blog HERE. In a sentence or less, I’m a baller book coach that can take you from book dream to best-seller reality. Blam.


"Jaime is a great listener and an enthusiastic connector. She is genuinely interested in the people in her life and what they have to say, which makes her very approachable, safe and easy to talk to. She has a disarming quality about her and she is trustworthy. I really appreciate her clarity in communications, her ability to express herself articulately, with both courage and humility. She is honest and forthright, quick to call BS, but with a gentleness that doesn’t feel like judgment. She is also an exceptional writer and has helped me in my professional work to craft compelling communications."

Sarvaan Ziva, Creator of Sound and Silence music and yoga gatherings

What kind of books do you help people write?

Another good question. I help healers, coaches, therapists, artists, and entrepreneurs write non-fiction books to launch their business careers into the stratosphere and memoirs to support their soul growth and inspire others. I have helped people write fictional works too, but this group program is specifically for non-fiction and memoir writers.

More Questions?

Send me a note and I’ll get right back to you.