Fall 2017 "Invitation to Write" Challenge Begins today!

Today on Facebook and Instagram, I launched a ten-week writing challenge that will span from mid-October to Christmas week in December.  This is meant to be a FUN and ENGAGING way to explore the power of writing your stories, both personally and together with fellow participants in the challenge.  

Each WEDNESDAY, I'll be posting a writing prompt for you to explore on your own.  

To be considered for the challenge, all you have to do is comment on the Instagram or Facebook posts weekly or you may email me directly.  

What to share with me or on social media?

You do NOT need to post your writing unless you want to.  You may send it to me if you desire to be witnessed.  Not required.  

I invite you to share, privately with me or on social media your REFLECTION on what this writing experience was like for you-- for example, did it change how you feel or what you think about the topic?  Did it clarify?  Give insight?  Evoke an emotion?  Produce a new understanding?  

Let me know if you have any questions!  


Jaime Fleres