Does what I have to write matter? Will anyone care?

This question: Are people really going to be interested in what I have to say? – with a silent critical fear that the answer is NO – is one massive block I see stoping many would-be authors from writing the book their soul is yearning to write.

I'd like to support you in meaningfully answering this question from a place other than your fear.

People are going to be interested in what you have to say in your book (and otherwise) if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

1. You help them solve a problem, overcome a limitation or block, grow and/or heal 
2. You help them achieve a burning desire or dream
3. You inform, persuade, entertain, inspire, or provide value in some meaningful way
4. You speak your personal truth so FULLY that it becomes a universal human truth your audience can deeply relate to
5. You touch people emotionally with your stories and ideas in a way that has impact 
6. You support another's transformation either through offering a process they can follow or in leading by the example of your own life experience
7. You articulate something in a powerful way that your reader has not been able to fully articulate for themselves
8. You provide a deeper insight or exploration into something that matters to your reader, a deeper dive then they have been able to complete
9. You help your reader feel less alone; perhaps even seen and heard
10. By the very brave act of your own book writing, truth-telling and idea sharing, you give someone else the permission to do the same
11. You change the way someone thinks, feels or acts and it positively influences their lives

Do you relate to this voice that wonders if what you have to say will matter? Which of the criteria above feels most resonant or most inspiring to you? What reason do you feel I might have missed?

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