Writing about Trauma and Why my Logo is the Sacred Heart

In this blog, I wanted to write about why my logo is a take on Mary’s Sacred Heart. Then I remembered, I write about this in my book. So let’s let the book do the talking shall we?  In Chapter five of Birth Your Story: Why Writing About your Birth Matters, titled “Write to Heal,” I talk not only about how we can write to heal but also about a personal healing journey of mine and the Sacred Heart’s role in this tale. This excerpt is what appears below.  

 Also worth my noting is that Chapter 16 of the book, “How to Write about Trauma,” covers how to write about trauma in greater detail. 

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When You Can't Write

I am in the thick of something big in my life right now.  And forgive me at the outset for being intentionally vague about this thing; that’s actually what this blog is about. See, this thing has been unfolding for over a year, maybe several years, maybe my whole life or even lifetimes, and it touches me to my soul-bones. I’ve been wading through the dark caverns of some of the highest stakes core issues of my life. It’s been scary and sometimes, I have feared, too much for me to bear.  

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Birth Books with Soul

Here are five of my favorite birth books with soul. Some of these cover the material-physical facts of birth (which is such important context for birthing families), but most tend toward the deeper emotional-cognitive-spiritual layers of the birthing journey. Because the latter is kind of my jam. 

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Jodi Neufeld
Oracle Journaling

Writing prompts can be a wonderful way to give direction to your writing but they don’t always resonate with where we are in the moment. Today I am going to offer another kind of prompting activity. To me, this one feels like collaborating with the divine to direct the course of my writing. If divine sounds too out there for you, let’s call it collaborating with our intuition or our subconscious.

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