If you’re a coach, therapist, healer, visionary, or change-maker…

Birthing your book is more than just a project to get done. 

It is a soul-stirring call to put your expertise and wisdom into a potent resource that will help you grow and provide tremendous transformational benefit to your clients and community. 

  • You know there is a body of work that can only come through you (even if the book’s topic has been covered by other authors).

  • You sense your book could be an important part of your contribution to the world (even if it scares the living daylights out of you).

  • You get a tingle in your tummy when you think about how your book will open doors for you: attracting your ideal clients, solidifying your reputation in your field and powerfully communicating a lifetime of knowledge you’ve cultivated in your zone of genius.

There are many good reasons to write a book, and if you’re an expert of some kind, it’s inevitable that you will write a book. 

Experts write books.

But perhaps what’s most important of all is your deep hunger to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming an author.

But not just any author.

Not the kind of author that just bangs out a quick, formulaic book just to say that you wrote one.  

No, you’re the kind of author that is willing to dive deep into the creative process to bring into form something unique, meaningful, enriching, and profoundly beneficial.  The kind of book that forever changes your life and the lives of the people who read it.  

This kind of author knows that the right book, with the right message will be a potent way to: 

  • Experience transformation and facilitate that for others

  • Contribute to your community in a bigger way and make a positive impact on the world

  • Leave a legacy of wisdom from your own personal and professional life

So how do you know for sure now is the time? 

You’ve come a long way and you’ve worked hard, risked a lot, and persevered to get to where you are today. 

You’ve been doing your work, perhaps noticing patterns and gaining clarity around your area of expertise that you’ve not seen articulated quite the way you see things.  

Perhaps you’ve had a unique perspective or journey that you know would positively impact others. 

With gratitude for where you have been, you know there are new heights you’d like to explore. (You’re not one to keep status quo for long!)  

You know that writing a book is the next step in your personal and professional evolution.  

You may have tried to write your book, but if you’re like my clients, you’ve gotten stuck— either at the starting line or somewhere not far from there. 

It’s not your fault. The book writing process is filled with seemingly mysterious twists and turns. 

I know my own blocks in book writing stemmed from not knowing the next step in a book writing process.  I also struggled in isolation, with no one to share my book writing journey with, and having no one to hold me accountable or offer support.  

There seems to be countless ways to get stuck, not to mention the “come with the territory” fears and facing the inner critic inside who says “who do you think you are?”. 

I’ve wrestled with each of these forms of resistance and found a way through. I can help you do the same.  

I wasn’t always so certain about navigating the book writing process. I too used to let a lot of things stop me from writing.  

More so, I let a lot of things stop me from thinking I could write.  Fortunately those blocks were temporary, but they sure did slow me down.  

Writing a book is a huge undertaking– and a huge romp into the unknown wild territory of something you've never done before. In this jungle of a journey there can be many points where you can feel discouraged, defeated. 

And you can turn back.  Or get stuck.

It’s understandable—and yet…

It’s a total game changer when you embark on a journey with an expert guide by your side to ensure you get where you want to go.

I know the magic that lies on the other side of resistance. 

I know first-hand the sense of deep accomplishment, strength and satisfaction that comes when you finally conquer all the obstacles and bring your book, your gifts, into the world.  

I know the doors that open and the new opportunities that pour in after publishing a book.  

I know how good it feels to share my message with people in a meaningful way and feel their gratitude for my having the courage to write and finish my book.  

NOTHING beats that feeling of having forged ahead, taken on a big challenge, and seeing the final result in your hand, like a beautiful book with your name on it. 

Ultimately, this is what happens when you refuse to stay small, when you say a whole-hearted YES to you, your stories, your soul, your innate power, and the unique gifts only YOU can offer this world.  

My name is Jaime Fleres and I show women and men on a mission how to overcome creative obstacles and write the book that can only be born through them. 

As a professional writer, English professor, author and writing coach, I know how to guide people through the wild and deeply empowering process of writing.

 like a sherpa who can expertly guide you to the summit so you enjoy the breathtaking view and the satisfaction of a dream come true, or a doula holding your hand as you surrender to transformation by bravely birthing your creation.  

Ready to see if I’m the right book coach for you?

If you know in your bones that you were made for writing a book, even if it feels daunting or discouraging, I can help you move from desire to action, guiding you along each step on this path so that you can make your vision a reality.  

I've done it for myself, I've done it for others, and I can do it for you.  
If you're serious about getting your book done this year, let’s connect and see if we’re a fit.