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Every unwritten page is a living breathing entity that dwells within you. Those words you hold within are your soul’s song, and they’re dying to get out. 

It’s time to tell your story.
Honor your experiences.
Find the value of your true voice.
Heal your past and transform your future.
Speak your truth and find connection through expression.

The best part? You don’t have to do it alone.

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I’m Jaime Fleres

champion of the valuable voice inside each of us. I help people find freedom, confidence, and empowerment through writing.

Jaime Fleres in coffee shop reading

Life has a way of magnetically pulling us closer to the path we’re meant to be on.

Writing is mine, and though I’m a multi-passionate woman (read: Qoya dance teacher, doula, former professor, mama, wellness entrepreneur and more) writing is my magnet. Helping others find freedom and clarity through creative expression is what lights me up.


Writing transforms, transcends, and distills chaos into order.

Often the drive to express starts off as just a whisper. You tell the story in your head, and the ideas, metaphors, and memories start to consume you.

There’s an invisible longing to share this vulnerable part of yourself. Even if you show no one, at least your story is unleashed. It can live on its own and you can keep walking onward, creating new inner narratives and potentials.

It’s thanks to the bravery of those who shared their truth, that you are who you are today. The books, poems, songs, movies, plays, the fabric of our collective sense of connection—is words.  

I believe…

Everybody has a story to tell. That writing about your life’s most pivotal experiences is a form of honoring how far you’ve come and distilling what you’ve learned into living breathing poetry.

I believe that nothing should stop you from telling that story. You’re a writer whether you know it or not. There’s no right or wrong way to express yourself.

The best wisdom comes from within, all you have to do is open up and let yourself listen.

Jaime Fleres - image for how writing saved her life

There was a time when I literally wrote to save my life.

I was going through a difficult span of time— experiencing abuse from others and toward myself, I was anorexic, depressed, in turmoil with family and friends— and worse.

Writing helped me process my experiences, gave me a space for expression when I had no other forms of support, and helped me manage what felt so overwhelming.

Writing was the reason I survived those years.

 Whether you want to write a book or you just need to process an experience that feels insurmountable, I can help.

Consider me your writing doula.

I offer you the support you desire, and the evidence-based information you seek; listen deeply; hold space; encourage your empowerment; share what I know; and hold your hand, offer you ice chips or a hip squeeze (i.e. whatever support your need) as you birth your writing project into the world.

Here’s what I look like on paper:

  • I graduated at the top of my class with honors in Women’s Studies and English (they actually handed me money with my diploma).

  • I studied at Oxford University on scholarship. Yeah the fancy school in England that looks like something straight out of Harry Potter.
  • I wrote 40 hours a week for the nation’s top doctors and lawyers and managed the Content Department at a web marketing firm for over 2 years. I spent a decade writing professionally in the areas of medicine, law, travel, health, yoga, birth, art history, land conservation, and wellness.
  • I did my post-graduate studies in the art of communication and persuasion (rhetoric) and earned my master’s degree in the Teaching of Writing, did you even know that was a thing?
  • I was a professor of writing, reading and literature for six years at three different 4-year universities.
  • I worked as an international writer in Peru writing about health and art.
  • I’ve written two books: an unpublished memoir and a published writing guide about the power of writing one’s birth story. Learn more about Birth Your Story.   

Rochelle Schieck testimonial for Jaime Fleres

Working with Jaime was a dream come true. She is that perfect mix of a medicine woman who embodies the wisdom of an elder, the compassion of someone walking a path alongside you, and the sweet innocence of a child with a wide open heart.  She sources her medicine from a place beyond time, but makes it accessible to the specific challenges and joys of expanding into our next expression of self to birth, to re-birth, and to live!

-Rochelle Schieck, Founder of Qoya


And here’s what I look like as a human being constantly learning and moving through the ups and downs of existence…

Jaime Fleres standing in garden in pink dress

I’m mama to a little girl, avid reader of non-fiction, and music and travel devotee.

I know what it’s like to live in silence. I spent over half my life stuffing down my stories and putting on a smile when I was crumbling inside. The silence suffocated my soul. The journey has been a long one, but I know first hand the power of alchemizing life’s most heartbreaking lessons into sources of power.  

This road has had its twists and turns. There’ve been times I’ve been too afraid to speak my truth and too scared to follow my soul’s longing. There’ve been times I let my inner critic crush my dreams and stifle my voice. But I’m getting better at letting the wise woman within guide my way.  

And I’ll tell you what: I could never have done it alone. I’ve needed my female friends—soul sisters, earth angels—to cry with, be witnessed by, celebrate and remember utter joy with, dance amongst, travel inner and outer worlds beside…

And I’ve called on professional support too. Bodyworkers, spirit-keepers, dancers, writers, editors, truth-tellers, video-making gurus. I don’t regret a single moment I’ve reached out to others for support. And I’m learning how—through vulnerability and living out loud, through honoring what hurts and allowing myself to be seen—to truly feed the creative, wild, innocent, resilient, gorgeous soul inside.

I bet she looks a lot like you. 


Writing is therapy, art, and adventure. It’s an alchemical journey that transforms pain into power and it’s for that reason I’m committed to helping people put pen to paper and heart to hand.

girl in superhero costume

Innocence, your history of silence
Won't do you any good
Did you think it would?

Let your words be anything but empty
Why don't you tell them the truth?

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly, I wanna see you be brave”

- Sara Bareilles, Brave

Write your book. Tell your story. Find clarity, freedom and empowerment.

Let your soul’s poetry unfold without judgement.

Go Forth and Write Bravely.